Puppy Nursery

Sold to Kaleigh
Sold to Camille
Sold to Kayla
Sold to Patty
Sold to Bruce and Georgia
Sold to Erin
Sold to Erin

Myla welcomes 2 female merles, 1 male merle and 2 black tri males on September 12th 2020.

Stella has welcomed two tri’s and one merle on Tuesday September 8th 2020. They are all boys.

Stella and Myla will be welcoming some new pups around September 11th, 2020

Stella welcomed 3 healthy female Tri’s in the world on 7-10-19.

Bailey SOLD to Donna

Toy tri female $1200 pet home

Ruby SOLD to Josh and Lindsey

Toy Tri female $1200 pet home

Izzy SOLD to Rafeal and Leslie

Toy Black Tri $1200 pet home

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